Statistical Software

  • jive: a Python package for dimensionality reduction for multiple data matrices (implements AJIVE).
  • ajive: an R package implementing AJIVE.
  • DWD: a Python package implementing the DWD classifier in a sklearn compatible API.
  • explore: a Python package for automating various exploratory analysis tasks (e.g. multiple testing control, visual diagnostics) particularly those arising from the interpretation of unsupervised learning analyses.
  • what_the_cluster: a python package implementing algorithms to determine the "optimal" number of clusters (e.g. gap statistic).
  • jackstraw: a python package implementing jackstraw type methods which perform statistical tests for dimensionality reduction and other unsupervised algorithms.
  • diproperm: a python package implementing DiProPerm for high dimensional hypothesis testing with linear classifiers.

Code to reproduce papers

Code to reproduce the results in my papers can be found on my research page and on my github page.

Tutorials and other software